Marilyn Manson                   Black Veil Brides                        Combichrist

Aiden                                      Picture Me Broken                    William Control

Imperative Reaction             Get Scared                                 Motionless in White

Awaken the Empire              Davey Suicide                            Madlife

gODHEAD                               Fear Factory                               Collide

Petrojvic Blasting Co.            Monkey Grinder Quartet         The Last Dance

Dr. Steel                                   Jupiter Blue                                Brandon Ashley

The Razor Skyline                 Crown Jewel Defense                 Masq

Psychostick                            Kota Wade                                   Chamber of Echoes

Master of Death                    Blood on the Dance Floor         Static-X

Blindside                                 Soil                                                Trust Company

The Rasmus                            Himsa                                           Natalia Lesz


New Years Day, “Malevolence”
Fake Friends, “Let’s Get Naked”
Berlin, “Animal”
Little Red Lung, “Fangs”
Davey Suicide, “Kids of America”
Seven Saturdays ft. Jim Evens, “One in 3”
Chamber of Echoes, “World of Silence”
Carla Michaels, “Bad and Beautiful”
Bad Wolf, “A Better World”
Davey Suicide, “Generation F***Star”
Awaken the Empire, “Cross My Heart”
Awaken the Empire, “Rise and Fall”
Coyote, “We Live Our Lives in Black”
Lacey Conner, “The Stranger”
Awaken the Empire, “The Awakening”
Blacklisted Me ft. Nicholas Matthews, “Reprobate Romance”
Imperative Reaction, “Surface”
Armed Love Militia, ft. Fairuza Balk, “Stormwinds”
This Can’t End Well, “I’ll Let you Watch”, co-directed with Niko Sonnberger
Combichrist, “Throat Full of Glass”
Seven Saturdays, “Terrified of Breaking Down”
Seven Saturdays, “The Shallow End (White Sea Remix)”
Brandon Ashley, “My Decadent Thursday”
Aiden, “Scavengers of the Damned”
D’Amato, “Speak No Evil”
Allhelluja, “Superhero Motherfucker Superman”
Derek Sherinian ft. Billy Idol and Slash, “In the Summertime”
Dragonlord, “Until the End”